Snapshot CL 7287

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Brand New Weapon Class & Customization

DEADROP Snapshot CL 7287 is here! We’ve added more traversal features, more movement verbs, more attachments, more, more, more! In this fourth Snapshot, we are majorly upping the customization factor, giving you more freedom and control over your gameplay experience.

Founders can download the most current Snapshot from their Profile page. Be sure to download the Variant Guide: Series Three for an inside look at the latest build! Make sure your Founders Access Pass is in your Midnight Society wallet or external wallet connected to your Profile to access the build.

Don’t forget to fill out the Feedback Survey after you play, so we can get your input and make changes for the next Snapshot! To make this even easier, we’ve added a Feedback button in-build so you can fill it out while it’s fresh in your mind after you play. To see the feedback results from SS3, head here.

As a reminder, here are the minimum PC requirements for playing DEADROP Snapshots:

  • Windows 10
  • 4.2 GHz i7-7700k
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 20 GB available
  • HDD space
  • NVIDIA GTX 1080

Here’s what’s new in this latest Snapshot:


Players can now drag and drop loot items from a container into their backpack and vice versa.


We’ve added several new advanced movement states that will enable combatants to position themselves more tactically and traverse the Proving Grounds. These actions require the use of both hands, therefore require you to holster your weapon to perform them. So choose your timing wisely.

Ledge Hang

Choose the best place and time to climb up onto a surface, or just hang to gain a tactical advantage from the position you’re at. This new ability gives you full control of your traversal movement on and around the edges.


A slow but strategic way to traverse the space via untraditional routes. Don’t rush a door when you can shimmy to a window and mantle in. Shimmy across a ledge until you’re behind cover to avoid sniper fire. 


Traverse up a zipline slowly or scale a pipe that leads to a great vantage point. This is a slow and risky maneuver that offers the player even more flexibility on how they approach the vast environment of the updated Proving Grounds.

New Weapons

Sniper Rifle

This high-powered rifle can be equipped with an 8x scope for ultimate effectiveness. With a 1.4s fire rate and high damage, you’ll be able to down a target with a single well-placed shot. Be sure to account for bullet drop, lead time, and fall-off damage when calculating your assault. 

Swappable Attachments

Discover a series of new attachments while looting and return to the Player Hideout to access your Armory to attach them. 

Each attachment will augment the stats of your weapon build, so tailor your loadout to your playstyle by choosing the right attachment for your liking. 

Available Optics

These optics can be placed on all weapon classes:

  • *NEW* PTS-2 (Sniper scope) provides a 8.0x zoom with 1% loot crate chance
  • Reflex-1 provides a 1.5x zoom with 1% loot crate chance
  • HOLO-1 provides a 2.0x zoom with 2% loot crate chance
  • PTS-1 provides a 4.0x zoom with 2 % loot crate chance


Each weapon class has a dedicated extended magazine that can only be used on its specific class. There are four types of magazines:

  • AR Magazine Extended: 1.5x improvement with 5% loot crate chance
  • Handgun Magazine Extended: 1.5x improvement with 5% loot crate chance
  • Shotgun Magazine Extended: 1.5x improvement with 5% loot crate chance
  • Sniper Magazine Extended: 1.5x improvement with 1% loot crate chance

Laser Sights

Lasers have been added as attachments and will eventually be able to improve your accuracy (spread). There are three laser sights that can be attached to all weapon classes:

  • Red Laser: 15% loot crate chance
  • Green Laser: 5% loot crate chance
  • Blue Laser: 1% loot crate chance


Barrels have been added as attachments and will eventually be able to improve your bullet speed (muzzle velocity). There are four lengths of barrels that can be applied to all weapon classes:

  • Barrel A: 15% loot crate chance
  • Barrel B: 10% loot crate chance
  • Barrel C: 5% loot crate chance
  • Barrel D: 1% loot crate chance


Stocks have been added as attachments and will eventually be able to improve your recoil, making your gun “lift” less with each shot. There are four types of stocks that can be attached to all weapon classes:

  • Stock A: 15% loot crate chance
  • Stock B: 10% loot crate chance
  • Stock C: 5% loot crate chance
  • Stock D: 1% loot crate chance

Eventually, Laser Sights, Barrels, and Stocks will also provide gameplay stat differences when attached.


The Armory tab is now available in your menu, between your Stash and Garage. This represents the digital interface for your weapon bench in the Player Hideout. Use it to do more advanced weapon modifications, replacing Stocks, Barrels, as well as any other attachments such as your Optics, Sights, and Magazines. 

You will need the required attachments in your Stash in order for them to be available for use in your Armory. 

Backpack System

There are now three types of backpacks to choose from: Small / Medium / Large

Each backpack has a set amount of space inside it. Small items, like ammo, can be stacked to a certain degree while others must be arranged to fit properly into your backpack. 

Organized looters will be able optimize their stage space and extract with the most amount of loot. Choose carefully. Stack what you can, arrange what you can’t to make space.

Instigator System and Stats

We introduce two key systems which will help players gain more knowledge about who they’re fighting and how they’re competing. 

The Instigator System ties a Variant to their account, revealing who you killed, who killed you, and assigning stats for actions. 

These stats will be exposed to the player at the end of a session, letting them know how many kills they got, damage given and taken, their time in the match, how much healing they required, and tracking of the items they entered and extracted with. 

You will be known to the Instigator System by your Variant call-sign. 

Proximity Chat

You can now hear and communicate with players within your close vicinity in-game if you have a microphone enabled on your computer. 

Currently, while in the testing phase, you cannot disable Proximity Chat and it is an open mic. If you do not wish to be heard on Proximity Chat, please disable your microphone setting on your PC while we work to get an in-game option in.

You currently cannot mute Proximity Chat at this time, but will be able to in the future. 

In-game Feedback Button

With the addition of crucial features that will greatly shape the community of DEADROP, increasing Variant feedback is crucial. We are working to find more and more ways to provide Variants feedback options in and out of game.

We included a “Feedback” button in-game which will launch a web browser to the Survey submission form on our website. Please use this to provide feedback on the latest additions to the game. 

You can always access this same survey via the profile page of your Variant profile as well.


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