Snapshot CL 21078

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Patch Notes for SS7.1

REMINDER: You must re-download the latest Snapshot VII build from November 2 in order to play.

Feature Updates

  1. Due to the Drivers Key Packages granting issues on the day of the Snapshot VII release, we added a new Exotic Wrap, “Scorpion,” that has been gifted to each account.
  2. We adjusted the cooldown of the vehicle fire extinguisher from 10 seconds to 20 seconds.
  3. We added updates to tune down vehicle understeer.

Bugs Fixed

  1. Fixed an issue where the character mesh would be too far forward during the shimmying animation.
  2. Fixed the incorrect naming of the 3 Gallus Vehicle Wraps.
  3. Fixed an issue with details blending on materials.
  4. Fixed the server version of the player not leaning at times.
  5. Fixed the playerbot footsteps not playing.
  6. Fixed the AI characters forgetting their target when the targeted player leaves their view.
  7. Fixed a server crash around inventory systems.
  8. Fixed a server crash that occurred when adding players to a match that is not yet active.


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