Snapshot CL 4461

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Traversal Features and Movement Abilities

DEADROP Snapshot CL 4461 is here! Get ready for traversal features, more movement abilities, optics attachments, and more! In this third Snapshot, we went all in on providing more ways to get around Proving Ground (ladders and zip lines, anyone?). We also updated controls and our loot system. You’ve been asking for all these things, and we’ve made some exciting changes, so we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

This build represents four-thousand, four-hundred, and sixty-one check-ins from the DEADROP team since development first began. The focus of the build was to better allow players to strategically move from point A to point B, and to tactfully climb heights in order to better play the verticality nature of the game. We introduced ziplines, ladders, 3 new optic attachments, and 3 ammo types.

Founders can download the most current Snapshot from their Profile page. Be sure to download the Variant Guide: Series Two for an inside look at the latest build! Make sure your Founders Access Pass is in your Midnight Society wallet or external wallet connected to your Profile to access the build.

Don’t forget to fill out the Feedback Survey after you play, so we can get your input and make changes for the next Snapshot! To see the feedback results from SS2, head here.

As a reminder, here are the minimum PC requirements for playing DEADROP Snapshots:

  • Windows 10
  • 4.2 GHz i7-7700k
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 20 GB available
  • HDD space
  • NVIDIA GTX 1080

Here’s what’s new in this latest Snapshot:


Users can now holster their equipped weapons by pressing ‘X’ on the keyboard or by holding ‘Y’ on the gamepad. 

Holstering allows you to stow your weapon for quick access, this will give you a faster way to move throughout the map (15% increase to run speed) and enable you to do the new advanced movement states.

Holstering does not place the weapon in your backpack, therefore it can be quickly unholstered when you encounter an enemy combatant. 


We’ve added several new advance movement states that will enable combatants to position themselves more tactically and traverse the Proving Grounds. These actions require the use of both hands, therefore require you to holster your weapon to perform them. So choose your timing wisely.


Ladders, and eventually other similar apparatus, can be climbed. While climbing, you can still use any Pistol class weapon. Larger weapon classes can not be used. You retain freedom of movement while climbing, so look and leap in whatever direction you’d like to quickly get to where you’re going.


Sprinting towards and over low cover points allows players to quickly advance or evade enemy combatants during combat. 


Need to get onto a higher position? Clamber on top of tall objects by holstering your weapon, and jumping up to grab the edge. You will automatically pull yourself up and on top.


There are a number of ziplines throughout the map that allow the player to descend from a high position to a lower one quickly. Ziplines are one way, and can not be taken back up. This action requires you to stow your large weapons by holstering them, however, you can still engage in combat while ziplining if you have a Pistol call weapon equipped. Break contact with the zipline at any point by jumping off in whichever direction you are looking. This is a great way to access areas quickly or to transition from one zipline to another. Be careful where you leap, as full fall damage still applies when dropping from a zipline.

Tactical Slide

The tactical slide provides a lot of advantages while traversing the map or even when engaging in combat. The speed and distance of the slide is increased with the degree of the slant you’re sliding down. Therefore using it to quickly descend ramped surfaces is a great way to get around quickly and avoid enemy fire. While sliding on a flat surface will provide less advantages, it is still a great way to get into cover quickly or surprise an enemy combatant. You must be sprinting when enabling the tactical slide, by crouching mid-sprint. A small speed boost is applied when initiating the slide. 


The tactical decision making of what you bring in, what you can take out is core to the Vertical Extraction Shooter genre and we’re one step closer with our improvements to how inventory works. These changes lay the foundation for our backpack inventory system that is coming in future snapshots.


Weapons will no longer stack, so you don’t need to take ALL your assault rifles into a match and can pick them up independently. Small items will continue to stack but have a max quantity.

Ammo Types

One of those stackable new inventory items is Ammo. You’ll need to ensure you are carrying the ammo for the weapon type you are using in order to reload. Ammo is finite and can run out. You can also only stack a certain number of ammo per inventory slot. The three ammo types available currently are Pistol, Assault Rifle, and Shotgun shells.


Our weapon system continues to expand and now includes the ability to find and attach optics to your Assault Rifles. Eventually, this system will extend to all weapon classes and attachments will be interchangeable between them. For now, you can equip a variety of optic types on your rifles only. This is the foundational element to what will eventually become our full weapon customization via the weapons bench. 

You can equip attachments on the fly directly in the match.

Proving Ground Updates

Based on your feedback and in order to optimize the Proving Ground for the new movement states, we’ve incorporated a lot of changes. This includes the location of loot containers, healing stations, and paths to areas to make their risk equal the reward. The additional paths, ziplines, and ways around also increase the flow and tactical decision making required. Reducing the number of bottlenecks and killzones and allowing Variants more options when choosing how to approach a combat situation. 


The collection has expanded, with the mysterious author of these elusive and contraband dreadrops producing three complete series of issues each with their own rarity. Finding them isn’t even the hardest part, you’ll have to get out alive to stash them and finish your collection. 


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