Snapshot CL 3184

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Welcome to the Proving Ground!

The second DEADROP Snapshot is here! Get ready for your first taste of real combat in a brand-new PvP area called the PROVING GROUND. See what’s new in the Player Hideout then prepare to battle it out in the Proving Ground for the ultimate prize – THE DEADROP.

This build represents three thousand one hundred and eighty-four check-ins from the DEADROP team since development first began. The focus of this build was to establish the foundation for core PvP gunplay, looting, and extraction on a dedicated multiplayer server. We introduced 11 new weapons and inventory systems, as well as a glimpse into your Garage.

Variants can download the most current Snapshot from their Profile page. Be sure to download the Variant Guide: Series One for an insider look at the latest build! Make sure your Founders Access Pass is in your Midnight Society wallet or external wallet connected to your Profile to access the build.

Minimum requirements:

  • Windows 10
  • 4.2 GHz i7-7700k
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 20 GB available
  • HDD space
  • NVIDIA GTX 1080

Did you know? You can submit your Dxdiag.txt and help us learn what PC specs our Variants have. This will help us to optimize future builds. Log in to your Midnight Society Profile, click on the “Project Moon Snapshots” tab, then scroll down and select “Submit your Dxdiag.txt.”

Thank you to everyone who downloaded the first Snapshot and offered your valuable feedback and ideas! Check out the survey results HERE.

Garage concept art by Eric Hallquist

What’s New:

Player Hideout

Step off the elevator and check out the CLASSIFIED PISTOL on your workbench. Take it for a spin in your three firing ranges – interior, upper exterior, or lower exterior – and really get a feel for it.

Then, step into the unlocked GARAGE for a glimpse into what’s possible. In the future, this is where you will use collected parts to customize your sweet rides. Yes, plural.

Proving Ground concept art by Eric Hallquist

Proving Ground

The Proving Ground is a vertical arena outside the Tower that features both indoor and outdoor PvP. Here, you’ll get a feel for the core gameplay that will be central to DEADROP.

Stay on your toes as you explore a shipping hub, filtration center, communications relay area, and pathways in between. You are here for one purpose – loot and survive within the time limit. If someone happens to get in your way, well…


There are now 12 different types of weapons accessible (4 variants each of pistols, shotguns, and rifles) that are randomized and available for loot. These variations include unique rates of fire, recoils, bullet drop, and spreads. 

Player HUD

Your HUD displays health status, weapon status, extraction information, POI information, etc.

Health Stations

Visit a health station for a quick boost!

Collecting Items

This Snapshot introduces a handful of fun items to collect, including weapons, floppy discs, obelisks, and some interesting looking comics…hmmm… Collect items by examining containers and the Death Packs of fallen enemies.


After a certain amount of time in the current gameplay session, your HUD will display your specific extraction points. Get to one of these designated extraction points to return to your Hideout with all your loot.

Inventory & Stash

As you loot, these items will be moved to your inventory. If you successfully extract to the Player Hideout, that inventory can be moved to your personal Stash for safekeeping. If you get taken out, your gear becomes a Drop and is free for the taking.

You’ll be able to view (and can receive) stacks of items (e.g., 3 obelisks, 4 Pistol A’s, etc) and can either transfer “the Selected” or “All” items directly to your Stash.

If you choose NOT to extract, be the last one standing to receive…


This is where it gets really fun. 

If there’s a last player standing – whether all other players extracted, were killed, or died from accidental fall damage – that player will be awarded with the selection of items from the combination of the remaining loot.

When players get The Deadrop, they get to select one of two choices: [Take Selected] and [Take All]. 

Will you extract and play it safe, or put it all on the line?

Deadrop concept art by Eric Hallquist

How to Provide Feedback on Snapshot CL 3184

You’ve mastered the Proving Ground, dreamed big in the Garage, and become intimately familiar with your new weapons. Now it’s time to share your thoughts! Head to your Midnight Society Profile page and select “SNAPSHOT DEBRIEF.”


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