Snapshot CL 11557

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Patch Notes

Snapshot V 5.1 introduces several new features focused on addressing urgent community feedback from the release of SSV. The focus of this update is on keeping the DEADROP experience fun, competitive, and most importantly fair. 

Anti-Cheat + Exploits

  • Addressed reported exploits
  • Added auto-kick functionality for exploiting players
    • Removed from server immediately

Player Reporting System

Players can now report other players for behavior that violates the terms of service and code of conduct of the game. These reports will be used to verify and take action against player accounts including temporary to permanent bans based on the severity of the violation. 

Please reference the official Discord for a current and updated version of the terms of service and code of conduct. 

Proximity and Voice Chat

  • Added hotkey on PC to Quick Disable Voice Chat
    • Default mapped to BACKSPACE
  • New Speaker Indicator on HUD for actively speaking player
  • Mute individual by selecting their Speaker icon in the player list

Several Bug Fixes

We have addressed several bugs and exploits discovered and reported by our players. Thank you for your continued effort to improve and iterate on DEADROP!


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