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Enter the Tower

The time has come to enter the tower…

Snapshot V takes us inside Sector 3: Cold Storage. With a whole new series of theatrical extractions, brand new weapon skins and upgraded attachments, the smoke grenade, and a chance to respawn as a SYN, this Snapshot will keep you busy.

And did we mention the Rising Freeze? Fight for loot and extract before time runs out. Escape the Rising Freeze and evade enemy combatants to be the last one standing and make it out alive.

Download the latest build, play with your fellow Variants (and Claws!), and if you’re a Founder, fill out the Snapshot Feedback Form after. We can’t wait to get out there and drop in with you.

If you’re not a Founder, make sure to head to to get your Tower Key Pre-Alpha Access, which gets you access to Snapshot builds, unique legendary cosmetics, the Season 0 Battle Pass, special gameplay events, and more.

Here are the new updates and features in Snapshot V…

The Hideout

The physical location of the Hideout is under construction and will not be accessible in SSV. This includes the firing ranges, weapons bench, armory, and physical garage. However, the functionality of these locations remains in the loadout screen. 

Sector 3 – Cold Storage

The Refiner State has opened and players will now have access to the first of seven Sectors, SECTOR 3 – COLD STORAGE. This Sector represents the processing, packing, and shipment facilities for SPACE DUST refined in the tower. During a match, its temperature regulators will go offline, forcing a shutdown. All players will need to find an extraction point before the Rising Freeze reaches themor fight it out at the end to be the last player standing to win The Deadrop.

If the Rising Freeze reaches an extraction point, it will no longer be available. Remaining in the Rising Freeze will result in damage and eventually death. Seek higher altitude.


The main menu has been updated to feature the official DEADROP theme song composed by Edouard Brenneisen (Overwatch 2, Call of Duty, League of Legends).


Variant’s VisorCortex are now displayed on their face shields and can be worn with all tiers of combat helmets. If no helmet is equipped, it will be displayed on their standard Variant face shield.

A Variant’s ID Tag can be looted from their Deathbag upon death and kept by their enemy in their Stash. This is a way to track your Variant kills, including those elusive Midnight Society developers with the Wraith of the Existence tags. It does not grant the person access to the VisorCortex. Players can only wear the VisorCortex associated with their Variant.

Procedural Color Assignment and Character Design

To allow for easier identification between Variant and Claw players alike, each player will be auto-assigned a color combination for their outfit and gear. Their color will change each time they enter the tower and is not persistent. 

Persistent Inventory (Cloud Saved)

Player’s Stash is now saved persistently on and validated by the server. There will be periodic wipes of Stash for testing purposes. The first wipe will occur upon downloading the snapshot and logging in for the first time. Future wipes will be communicated in advance. It is intended to eventually protect certain loot from wipes, such as collectibles. 

Armor System

Players can now find and equip helmets and chest armor. Each of these categories has three tiers of armor which provide a damage reduction to the area it protects. 

TIER 1 (Light) – 20% less damage to the affected area

TIER 2 (Medium) – 40% less damage to the affected area

TIER 3 (Heavy) – 50% less damage to the affected area 

Polished Weapons

The DMR, Assault Rifle, SMG, Semi Pistol, Sniper, and Pump Shotgun have received visual upgrades.

Polished Attachments

The Lazer Sights (Green, Red, Blue), 2x HOLO-1 Optic, 3x REFLEX-1 Optic, 4x PTS-1 Optic, DMR Stock, Sniper Stock, Rifle Extended Mags, and Weapon Mod Chips for the DMR, Assault Rifle, SMG, Semi Pistol, Sniper, and Pump Shotgun have received visual upgrades. 

Deep Freeze Collection

The SMG, Assault Rifle, and Pump Shotgun have each received the first legendary skin collection as part of the Deep Freeze Collection. This collection is awarded to all Variants and Tower Key holders. 

Weapon Mod

The weapon mod can be attached to all weapon classes. While it will visually look different on each weapon class, its effects remain the same.

Increase Damage (120%)

Increase Fire Rate 

Increase Recoil

Increase Spread

Damage Feedback System

Players will now receive damage indication. There is also supporting audio to help identify both damage taken by enemy fire and when in the Rising Freeze.

LIFE-LINK Stations

Medical stations are populated around the map and have received a visual and audio upgrade. They can be used to heal and have a short cool down between uses.


A new throwable has been added. The Smoke Grenade will generate a smoke screen for a few seconds which obstructs the view. Players can stack up to three Smoke Grenades at a time and store them on their utility belt. 

A healing consumable has been added. The Badage will restore 20 HP per use and takes 2 seconds to apply. It can be applied at any time and can be stored on the utility belt in stacks of 5. 


The match time has been increased to 18 minutes.

The player count per match has increased to 36.

SYN Deployment

Upon death, a player will be able to infiltrate the tower during the same session with their SYN and attempt to avenge their death, reclaim their loot, and have another chance to extract. Every player has two SYNs at their disposal which can be deployed up until the final extraction phase has begun. 

Once the final extraction has started, SYN deployment will be disabled regardless of the number remaining. 

New Extractions

The Chopper Extract at the Helipad in the control section of the Sector can now be used to extract during the Sector Shutdown. Once a player has entered the helicopter it will exfil, leaving all other players behind.

The Zipline Extract that leads outside the Sector can now be used to extract during the Sector Shutdown. The zipline can be used by as many players that can reach it during the extraction wave. 

The SUPERLIFT becomes active and will rise out of the sector only once per session, this takes place as the Sector Shutdown concludes and is the final way to extract out of the tower. 

MAGLOCKs are populated around the map and can be found in different locations each session. Once activated, they will take time to unlock and open and will audibly alert nearby players of their action. Several players can exit through a single MAGLOCK gate, but once it closes, it will remain locked for the remainder of the shutdown. 


The process of looting has been severely streamlined. Players can now click to move an item into their backpack and auto-sort within their Stash. It will stack appropriately and sort itself. Clicking and holding will auto-equip armor and equipment to its designated spot.

Players can also drag and drop. This allows players to quickly swap places of like-minded loot items, such as swapping equipped weapons or armor types. This can be done between loot containers as well as backpacks. Players can now drop items onto the ground to quickly make space in their backpack. Players can also delete items in their Stash since it is no longer unlimited; they now contain 1,000 slots which are based on weight.

Weapon Customization

Loadout customization can be done quickly and on the fly by dragging and dropping attachments onto the weapon. Once attachments are applied mid-match, they cannot be removed until the match ends and the player is back in the Hideout. Players can still swap attachments directly on the weapon in-game.

While players are in the Hideout, they have additional control of customizing their weapons. Attachments can easily be removed or added.

Movement Updates

You can now lean while aiming down the sights (ADS). This will allow players to look around dangerous corners without exposing their body to fire.

We added in ledge hang improvements in this snapshot as well.

Please note that we removed the ability to vault and to be able to go up a zipline. You also no longer need to holster your weapon to use ziplines, ladders or pipes.

Engine Upgrade

DEADROP is now running on Unreal Engine 5.1 with increased Lumen, Nanite, and Virtual Shadow Mapping. 

Controls and Controller Support

Controller support has been greatly improved and is in parity with mouse and keyboard. Information on the Button Mapping for both input devices can now be found in the Options Menu. 


There are now two classes of players. Variants are equipped automatically with VisorCortex and Claws will have standard helmets. 

Variants will be wearing Variant hoodies and shirts while Claws will be equipped with Claw shirts. 

Only Variants can have their Variant ID Tag collected. Claws will not have a collectible tag. 


In terms of art, the current status in this snapshot is considered “Proxy Plus” and is solely in to support gameplay. We’re just getting started.


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