Roadmap and New Hires

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On May 18 2022, Midnight Society posted a roadmap for the next two months. In June, the ten thousand founders will be selected and will get to claim their access pass and variant. In July, founders will get to download the Project Moon launcher and the first playable build (SnapshotCL1000) in which players can ride the lift to their personal hideout, pick up a rifle and take it to the shooting range. Also in July will be a founders meetup event in LA where founders will get to meet the developers and take home some free merch. After the first build drops, the devs will release a new build every 6 weeks.

Midnight Society has been expanding the team with 6 new hires in the last month starting with Jim Gray as Gameplay Engineering Director. Previously, Jim was Senior Gameplay Engineer at Sledgehammer Games where he worked on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare with the 2x. Alex Fennell joined as Technical Director of Infrastructure. Previously, Alex was Senior Software Engineer at 343 Industries and several other big game studios. Rodney Gilyard joined as Software Engineer. Howard Coulby joined as Technical Art Director. Previously, Howard was Senior Technical Artist at 343 industries and Technical Director at Lucas Arts. David Prassel joined as Senior Game Designer. Previously, David did Tech/Lighting on Halo Infinite at 343 industries and he was Lead Designer at Spiral Studios where he worked on Orion Prelude. And just yesterday, Brian Miggels joined as VP of Brand Marketing. Previously, Brian was Head of Studio Brand at Sledgehammer Games. The team is stacking up new talent, and it seems like most of these people are proven veterans that worked with Quinn at 343 or with Doc at Sledgehammer.

One person left the team. Loru, who was working on digital marketing and content, resigned claiming that he experienced toxicity from a member of the company’s leadership. He stated that the toxic person is not DrDisrespect, and he believes the studio can still be successful, but he claims he was yelled at and bullied during meetings. Hopefully this is an isolated incident and not an ongoing problem.

In other news, 100 Thieves announced they are trying to make a game with this 9 minute video where Nadeshot and his COO admit that they know nothing about game development but they love to argue about which Halo was best. They hired Pete Hawley as Chief Product Officer, so they have one person with experience. And they named it Project X. So this game is off to a good start!

Earlier this month, a studio called Gunzilla that has been working in stealth mode for 2 years just announced their cyberpunk battle royale 2.0 game called Off The Grid with a short teaser trailer. The lead visionary on this project is Neill Blomkamp who is known for directing District 9 and Elysium. In the last week they shared a weapon model and concept art of two locations.

And there is one more thing …
Today, Midnight Society posted a video containing some codes. The caption says: Running progress report. Motion detected freight elevator B. Scanning … multiple variants detected. The symbols were decoded using this cypher:
And this is what they translate to:
It sounds like there might be a second event in New York City. Unclear if there are any other clues hidden in the code.

Stay tuned for more Midnight Society News.
End transmission.

Midnight Society News /// Pre-Variant 1751

00:00 – Intro
00:23 – Roadmap
01:14 – 6 New Hires
02:37 – Loru Resigns
03:10 – 100T Project X
03:42 – Gunzilla Off The Grid
04:23 – Video Clues Decoded
05:18 – Outro

Compilerbau – From Beyond 2018:
Compilerbau – Decay:

YouTube link:

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