Founder Selection and Variant NFTs

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This is Variant 489, Autumn Recon Division, Callsign High Eight Eight reporting for Midnight Society News. The Founders are currently being selected. If you applied, keep an eye on your inbox. Approval emails are still rolling out.

On July 1st, the 500 founders with airdrop numbers gained access to their Variant PFPs and the first wave of approval emails went out. Those who were chosen were given a 48 hour window from July 5th to July 7th during which they could claim their founders pass. On July 5th at 10am another email was sent with a link to purchase a founders pass for $50 using a credit card or cryptocurrency.

Once you claim your Founders Access Pass, your Midnight Society profile will look like this. You will see an image of your variant along with several stats. It’s unclear what these status bars mean, but the colors represent rarity. Green is common, blue is rare, purple is epic, and orange is legendary.

Below that is a database of variants. Every variant has a unique visor cortex. There are 35 different designs and they come in various different colors. Most of them have some dead pixels. The ones with no dead pixels have flawless in the name. There is another tab here where you will be able to download builds of Project Moon, but the first snapshot is not available yet.

Clicking on the access pass link will take you to It looks like there are two tokens here. This one is labeled access pass and I’m assuming the other one is the Series 0 Patch.

Clicking the link icon takes you to the details page. From here, clicking the link icon again takes you to which is the world’s largest NFT marketplace. Here you can see all 16 properties and the percentage of other variants with the same trait. At the top, there is a link to the collection. From here you can filter the collection however you like.

Let’s take a look at flawless versions of the different Visor Cortex designs: Blade, Bull, Claw, Club, Crest, Delta, Diamond, Dome, Drone, Echo, Eight, Ember, Existence, Eye, Fiver, Flash, Four, Guard, Heart, Hook, Niner, One, Petal, Pillar, Seven, Six, Spade, Strike, Target, Three, Trick, Two, Variant, Zero

The New York City Meetup event happened on June 22. Midnight Society was on display in Times Square. The ad says enter the existence July 29th. Streamer and community member Arctix also made a promo video for the upcoming event in LA.

And one more thing, on Friday we got a blog post with 3 screenshots from the upcoming build. Here we can see some buildings, part of the outdoor shooting range that will be in the first snapshot, and an overhead view of the indoor shooting range.

July is going to be a very exciting month with the release of the first playable build and the Founders event in LA.

And this is just the beginning.

End transmission.

0:00 – Intro
0:09 – Founders Selected
0:50 – Midnight Society Profile
1:50 – Polygonscan
2:13 – Opensea
2:45 – Flawless Visor Cortex Designs
3:46 – NYC Meetup
4:18 – LA Event Promo
4:57 – Project Moon Screenshots
5:19 – Outro

VHS Glitch – Road to the Battlefield:

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