Developer AMA #1

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Unedited and uncensored raw Developer answers to #DayZero community questions.

0:00 Intro
1:24 Will there be custom lobbies?
7:15 How will we ensure Founders have a voice?
15:30 When do winners receive their airdrops?
22:25 Will the website have Founder specific logins?
24:47 What kind of anti-cheat for Project Moon?
29:18 What engine will Project Moon run on?
29:40 Will the ARG continue?
31:39 Does Sector 7 exist?
31:52 What was the team’s reaction to Space Bob?
32:30 What involvement will the Pre-Variants have in development?
36:10 What are The Eyes?
45:10 Structure of Industry Guilds for Founders and Non-Founders?
47:46 Will an item created in game be able to be sold for real money?
52:50 Will there be a Perk or Ability system in the game?
55:59 What inspired the idea of Midnight Society
1:01:48 Will there be Merch soon?
1:03:20 Aim assist and Audio quality?
1:03:43 Thank you!

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