Developer AMA #2

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Head of Variant Intelligence Becca Miller moderates Midnight Society’s first public AMA in Discord with Studio Head Robert Bowling (fourzerotwo) and Creative Director Quinn DelHoyo (deez).

Founders and non-Founders alike submitted a wide range of questions about community involvement, roles in-game, environmental elements, incentives, Snapshots, gameplay mechanics, the development cycle, Rob’s future #DEADROP tattoo, and more.

Here’s what they had to say about…
00:00 Introduction
00:50 Vertical Extraction Shooter (VES)
05:10 Movement speed
10:10 DEADROP tattoo
11:13 Proximity chat
13:50 PvP Snapshots
15:30 Player count per session
17:10 Keepin’ it 100
17:32 Incentives for Variants who playtest Snapshots
20:19 Guild application process
25:44 Identifying attributes for Variants in-game
28:42 The Existence
31:39 Space Bob
32:20 Biomes in DEADROP (aka Sectors), The Tower
38:32 Objectives, quests, challenges
42:38 Community roundtables, feedback process
50:13 Lore development
53:24 Development timeline
57:49 International events
58:46 Console players
1:02:25 Founders becoming Midnight Society employees
1:05:02 DEADROP gameplay being shown before game release
1:09:00 Snapshot vs. beta vs. alpha

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